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Here's famous TV fishing celebratory Keith Arthur holding a perfect 10lbs Summer salmon which he'd just landed at the Boat Pool on the Tay's famous Glendelvine Beat. This was Keith's first ever salmon which Jock Monteith expertly guided him to in front of the Sky Sports TV cameras. There's nothing quite like a bit of pressure!
Here's Jock Monteith with a party of new salmon fishers delivering some Spey casting tuition at the start of their fishing day. This photograph was taken at the neck of the Mike's Run salmon pool which is the last pool on the River Tummel before the Tummel meets the River Tay 300 yards downstream of this position.
Here's some visiting salmon fishing guests receiving tuition behind the green painted moored up River Tay traditional salmon fishing boat. Look at the perfectly cut riverbank with the sun shining on it directly opposite these anglers.
This perfect River Tay Spring salmon was still quite lively after being landed so I placed him in the collapsed landing net for the photo in case he swum away. This fish still readily took the fly on a cold Spring fishing day during April.
Here's Jock Monteith out showing a group of visiting Canadian salmon fishers how we tie on a salmon fly in Scotland. This shot was taken on the left hand bank of the Gean Tree Pool of the River Tay near the village of Murthly.
Here's another perfect fly caught Summer salmon from the River Tay in Perthshire. This was one of 4 perfect fish landed that day and this one was caught during the evening around 7.30pm. Another bigger salmon followed which fought into darkness before being finally landed after this one was returned.

How to Book Salmon Fishing In Scotland

There are 2 different ways to book Scottish salmon fishing, one being with a professional salmon guide to give you the best chance of success or simply buying the salmon fishing access on its own.

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How to Book Salmon Fishing In Scotland

where can i book a salmon fishing guide in scotland

When booking salmon fishing in Scotland it is advisable to engage the services of a professional salmon fishing guide who will supply all of the required salmon fishing equipment, tactical fishing tuition, seasonally appropriate salmon river access (& flies) and will make sure you're fishing over the correct salmon holding areas of the river on a personally dedicated guide service basis to you or your group. This is a completely different level of service than what you can generally expect from purchasing salmon fishing access on its own in Scotland with the exception of a few very high end salmon fisheries.

Are You An Experienced & Fully Equipped Angler Or Not?

Salmon fishing access on its own is generally a waste of time without the above unless you're an experienced salmon fisher with the correct equipment & tactical awareness levels as not all salmon beat resident ghillies have the time or inclination to dedicate themselves to a full instructional personally guided day and especially when they have other guests and riverbank duties to attend to. Also, not all salmon beats carry a full size range of waterproof jackets, chest waders or general fishing equipment for hire or flies & lures to give out to guests either which are all essential items for your fishing trip. Follow this link to book a guided salmon fishing experience in Scotland





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