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How To Tune Yourself Into A Salmon River

Professional Scottish salmon guide advice about how to tune into a Scottish salmon river and align your vibe with that of the river environment.

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How To Tune Yourself Into A Salmon River

How to Develop your Natural Predatory Senses When Fishing For Salmon

As a professional salmon guide I've always had a far deeper fascination with the salmon river and its inhabitants than most salmon anglers are likely to have in this pursuit. I'm a big believer in our 6th sense that once was more prevalent in the human race when our species used to rely on hunting for its very survival and when hunting success was also dependent on the brain and the subtle signals it collects while in pursuit of the quarry as much as how lethal our arms and hands were with a rock, spear or arrow.

Do Scottish Salmon Rivers Have their own Energy Fields

A salmon river is a magnicent enery charged living entity and this energy plus the hypnotic ceaseless flow of the river can change the human thought process if exposesd long enough to its natural splendour. When you go salmon fishing it's important to consider the environment you've entered and that you attempt to align yourself with the natural energy of your surroundings. What I mean by this is regarding your thought energy and movement. For many salmon fishers the thrill of being back out in this energy field turbo charges their excitement levels which is totally understandable. This excitement however can be a hinderance to the vibe you exude so my advice would be to try to mask it and come in under the radar on a salmon river especially given the fact you're carrying a 15ft carbon fibre radio wave transmitter in your hands!

How to Keep Your salmon Fishing Expectations Under Control

A creature like the wild Atlantic salmon is tuned into a completely different energy frequency than we are and don't think for one moment that salmon can't sense the vibe of a fisher who's over eager & excited as I've seen loads of career proof that they most certainly can. Be excited but get that excitement and your expectation levels under control at the start of the fishing day and drip feed that energy slowly back in over the full course of the day. Salmon usually always take your fly when you're fishing in auto-pilot and your mind has completely drifted off the task in hand as if they've tuned in and are feeling no threat from your riverbank vibe. I've experienced this so many times it simply has to be more than just a coincidence.

How To Adjust Your Vibe On The Salmon River

When you arrive on a salmon river at rod building up time try to relax and don't rush the procedure. Take your time and get that eagerness to fish under full control. When you get to your allocated fishing pools for the morning take a seat on the riverbank and observe the water for 5 to 10 minutes. This will bring you down to the vibe of the river and will also let you think more deeply about your fishing approach before you start to fish. It may also pin point a splash from a salmon allowing you to mark its position from a feature on the far riverbank. Once you're salmon fishing energy is aligned with that of the river environment you'll automatically activate your ancient hunting wi-fi hub so listen to the delicate information of any uninduced subtle thoughts that come to mind as these little messages of fly choice, fly swim pace & depth and your carefully measured and gentle riverbank movements are the real information for excelling in this business and they'll be a few of you who know exactly what I'm talking about here. 

Why It's Important To Learn From An Experienced salmon Guide

For a higher undertanding & appreciation of Scottish salmon fishing tactical awareness or to learn the basic fundamental salmon fishing skills book a professional Scottish salmon guide to tune you in to what's required for a successful salmon fishing approach. A personal guide will supply you with all of the required salmon fishing equipment in addition to teaching or fine tuning your tactical approach. A professional guide will fully understand & teach the value of effective riverbank movement spacings which will keep you on the move all day to maximise the chance of a fish. A seasonally appropriate salmon fishing venue (beat) will also be selected on your behalf which is included in our guided salmon fishing packages. Accommodation recommendations can also be provided (if required) that are close to our many preferred Scottish salmon river fishing locations.

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