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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

We hope you'll book a guided salmon fishing experience in Scotland and become an entry on this web page.

Jock Monteith

27 Dec 2021

Guided Salmon Fishing In Scotland

If you're new to this magnificent pursuit or have been in the business for a while but lack success booking a professional salmon guide for a day will give you a good grounding in the correct tactical basics to ensure you catch salmon consistently. There's much more involved in outsmarting salmon than the vast majority of fishers understand and anything short of the proper fishing approach and water coverage will simply not produce the desired end result like you see here.

Guided Salmon Fishing With Jock Monteith

26 Dec 2021

The Mighty River Tay

There is a great sense of awe and anticipation when you take a good look at Scotland's most famous salmon fishing river. Even during low water conditions the Tay is in a league of its own for width & depth of channel and this fabulous river never gets too low where salmon cannot run unlike other shallower Scottish salmon rivers which can struggle during low water periods of the year.

Fish The River tay

25 Dec 2021

Book Your Spring Salmon Fishing

This is a great time to secure your Spring salmon fishing for 2022 as if you leave it too late the best salmon fishing venues will be gone as salmon beats only release very limited daily fishing access typically to between 4 & 6 fishers to eliminate an over fishing scenario. Many fine fresh run salmon have already been caught on the rivers Tay, Dee & Tweed so we are now officially in the most exciting part of the Scottish salmon fishing season.

Booking Spring Salmon Fishing

24 Dec 2021

God's Finest Fishing Arena

Here's a lovely shot from the River Tay which was taken during March. I love it during the colder Spring months when the sunlight breaks through the clouds and creates a shimmering light effect on the surface of the river as you can clearly see here. That little bit of added warmth in the air goes a long way in early season salmon fishing and can often triggers a take or two from Spring salmon as was the case moments before this fine shot was taken.

Gods Finest Fishing Arena

23 Dec 2021

Salmon Fishing Gifts For Christmas

There's no other 'experience' gift that could ever compare to the thrill of an introduction to Scotland's most sought after gamefish. If you're considering providing a loved one this Christmas with something naturally different then look no further. Follow this link for detailed information on ourĀ guided Scottish salmon fishing packages which cover all of our main salmon rivers and are inclusive of tuition from some of the most technically gifted professional salmon guides. Digital gift vouchers are promptly delivered via email.

Fishing Gift Vouchers For Salmon

22 Dec 2021

River Tay Salmon Fishing Hot Spots

Making sure you're on a top Scottish salmon fishing venue that ties in with the seasonal salmon run timings obviously plays an important role for achieving success in this amazing pursuit. Pairing that logic up with a professional salmon fishing guide who's on top of their game also significantly increases your chances of action. This picture is of one such River Tay salmon fishing hot spot that is a 'top level' salmon fishing location between Dunkeld & Pitlochry.

Rainbows Over The River Tay

21 Dec 2021

Salmon River Beauty

Here's a shot from the middle River Tay which was taken during late Spring when the wild lupins were in bloom. The river environment has always been amazing in Scotland and has played a big part in the attraction of Scottish salmon fishing. Do yourself a big favour and test your soul out in a more natural habitat than the concrete one so many of us have been forced to endure. There's way much more to Scottish salmon fishing than most people could ever realise.

Scottish Salmon river beauty

20 Dec 2021

Learning To Salmon Fly Fish

There's immense satisfaction in delivering a perfect line to the salmon river and in controlling your fly over the likely salmon holding areas of a pool. Being taught by a professional guide goes a long way towards success in salmon fishing but only if the guide is on top of their game and is a good communicator. Book a guided & instructional Scottish salmon fishing experience with one of Scotland's finest professionals and get off the salmon fishing starting block quickly.

Casting A Salmon Fly Rod

19 Dec 2021

Salmon Fishing Highs

Being out in the glory of Mother Nature is indeed a fantastic things to be enjoying during your recreational time. This fine pursuit however goes one stage further as to be in hot pursuit of God's finest marine creature takes the entire concept to an even higher dimension. That unique blend of natural riverbank brilliance pared with the possibility of an encounter with one of these fine specimens is for many people the highlight of their annual recreational time.

Salmon Fishing Highs

18 Dec 2021

Salmon Fishing Pool Perfection

There's nothing that beats being out on a Scottish salmon river when the water conditions are in good order. Here's that exact scenario showing such conditions on one of the very best fly fishing pools on the entire River Tay. This is the beautiful March Pool on the stunning Upper Kinnaird salmon beat which incorporates both River Tay & River Tummel salmon water including this pool which is positioned immediately downstream of the confluence.

Salmon Fly Fishing Pool Perfection