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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

We hope you'll book a guided salmon fishing experience in Scotland and become an entry on this web page.

Jock Monteith

30 Jan 2018

Salmon Fishing Preparation

On a fully guided Scottish salmon fishing experience your professional salmon guide will have everything down to the finest detail prepared in advance of your arrival. This will include all the required salmon fishing equipment, the correct wader & waterproof jacket sizes and the very best selection of Scottish tied salmon flies and not some cheaply produced foreign equivalent. We take great pride in getting everything just right for your introduction to Scottish salmon fishing as we are conscientious professionals.

River Tay Fishing Preparation

29 Jan 2018

Scottish Salmon Fishing Accommodation

All of the Scottish salmon rivers have great hotel options close to hand but none more so than the beautiful Dunkeld House Hotel which is positioned in the middle of the fantastic Dunkeld House salmon fishing beat of the River Tay. This is a great River Tay venue to learn exactly how to fish for salmon and also bring your family for a perfect Scottish holiday trip adventure. Follow this link for details of our guided River Tay salmon fishing package.

The Tays Dunkeld House Hotel

28 Jan 2018

The Spring Salmon Fishing Prize

This is what a multi sea winter fresh run River Tay Spring salmon looks like and the accompanying smiles that goes along with the capture of one. This particular specimen was caught on the middle River Tay during March which has always been a great month for an encounter with a Tay heavyweight like this. These fish provide a truly memorable encounter if you're fortunate and skilled enough to know how to present your salmon fly in front of one.

Salmon Fishing Success On The River Tay

27 Jan 2018

A Perfect January River Tay Salmon

This beautiful Spring salmon of 14lbs was landed yesterday on the Dunkeld House beat of the River Tay by the highly experienced Head Ghillie Gordon Pollock during very high water conditions. An expert professional Scottish salmon fishing guide will know exactly where to look for salmon in all water conditions. An important part of our guided salmon fishing service is to make sure all guests understand this important & vital part of Scottish salmon fishing.

The Perfect River Tay Springer

26 Jan 2018

A Seat Beside The Salmon River

There's something amazingly captivating about sitting on an elevated seat overlooking one of Scotland's famous salmon rivers. When you're actually fishing for salmon it often pays just to sit back and watch the river for 10 or 15 minutes as doing so will often give you the exact position of any resident salmon. A professional time served salmon guide will teach you the correct approach along with various tactics that assist in making a salmon open its mouth!

A Seat By The River Tay

25 Jan 2018

The Perfect Salmon Fly

There's an amusing saying in Scottish salmon fishing that a salmon will only ever take the salmon fly you've tied on which is correct as I've never had a salmon jump out the river to rummage through my fishing bag for another pattern! The main thing that governs our salmon fly selection choice is faith and this little 'Copperass' pattern most certainly has my vote of confidence as it's accounted for hundreds of salmon captures for myself & for many guests over the years.

The Perfect Salmon Fly

24 Jan 2018

Listen To The Salmon River

Listening to the salmon river and tuning into its vibe are a very important part of understanding the effective delicacies of successful Scottish salmon fishing. Be taught by a true 'time served' professional Scottish salmon guide and have your eyes completely opened while gearing yourself for success in this amazing traditional Scottish pursuit. Follow this link for more details on our Scottish river guided salmon fishing experience packages.

Listen To The Salmon River

23 Jan 2018

River Tay Boat Fishing

Due to the depth & width of Scotland's largest salmon river the use of a traditional River Tay 16ft coble boat can offer a great way to spend some of the fishing day. All River Tay salmon beats have a boat or two and these can be booked individually or sometimes they are shared. Although the majority of salmon fishers like to fish from the riverbank a shot in the boat for an hour or two if water conditions are suitable can add a nice touch to the fishing day.

River Tay traditional Boat Fishing

22 Jan 2018

Take The River Tay Challenge

The early months of the River Tay salmon fishing season are without doubt the best time for an encounter with a heavyweight salmon. Spring salmon are getting bigger these days due to the complexities of oceanic feeding patterns so a salmon like this of 20lbs plus is not uncommon during the Spring months. This particular specimen was one of two perfect heavyweights that were captured by this young man that morning on his first day fishing.

The Big Salmon Capture Test

21 Jan 2018

Catching Big Salmon In Scotland

This fine heavyweight specimen salmon was caught on the middle area of the River Tay during the lovely Spring salmon fishing month of May. The Tay is notorious for big salmon and even in the first week of the 2018 salmon fishing season the river has produced 19 & 21 pounders. This perfect salmon in the photograph weighed in at 27lbs and many like that and bigger will no doubt be caught again this Spring.

Catch A Salmon Of A Lifetime