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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

12 Nov 2021

Scottish Salmon Fishing Trips

Here's a shot of an American client rolling out a perfect Spey cast after a brief crash course in this artistic Scottish style of casting. The real benefit of the Spey cast is that it allows you to present a salmon fly to the river when there's insufficient space behind you for a traditional over head cast. In addition to that it's a physically easier cast to perform once its mechanics are fully understood. Treat yourself to a quality introduction to Scottish salmon fishing in 2022.

Fishing Holidays In Scotland

11 Nov 2021

Outsmarting A Salmon

Scottish salmon fishing has many untold & unsold benefits but when it really comes down to the crunch the biggest attraction for many anglers in salmon fishing is out thinking & out smarting a fish that is far more astute than most people give it credit for. Follow this link for details on how you can learn how to approach a salmon pool & fish your fly correctly on the beautiful & famous salmon rivers of Scotland. This is one of Scotland's most popular rural pursuits.

Outsmarting A Salmon

10 Nov 2021

Catch A Fresh Run Spring Salmon

The beauty & power of a Scottish Spring salmon caught on a fly rod during the colder water Spring months has to be experiences to be fully appreciated. Take the time to introduce yourself to the fantastically 'natural' Scottish pursuit and add a fascinating dimension to your recreational activities. Follow this link for more information on how to book a guided & tutorial Scottish salmon fishing experience as now is a truly great fishing time of the year.

Fishing In Scotland For Salmon 4

9 Nov 2021

Salmon Pool Holding Areas

Being taught exactly how to identify the areas of a salmon pool to focus on where fish are likely to be located is a very important part of success in Scottish salmon fishing and especially on the bigger rivers where there are vast areas of water to consider covering. A professionally guided salmon fishing day will give you this very important salmon fishing insight and place you immediately in the top 10% of salmon fishers on the effectiveness stakes.

Salmon Lie Identification

8 Nov 2021

Salmon Fishing River Craft

Pursuing salmon in Scotland or in the vast majority of Northern Hemisphere countries is a perfect challenge where skill, patience and consistency of approach are all necessary components for a successful outcome. There's no instant gratification in this fine pursuit and I personally hope there never is as that would dilute the thrill of success when you bring all of the above attributes together. Learn to properly fish for salmon via a day on the river with a professional guide.

Salmon Fishing Rivercraft

7 Nov 2021

Fishing The Salmon Fly

Fishing the salmon fly means exactly that and far too many salmon anglers who haven't been taught to fish properly simply 'launch & hope' a salmon cooperates instead of 'fully' switching on to exactly how their fly is behaving in the stream. Learn to control your salmon fly optimally via a fully guided & instructional Scottish salmon fishing experience on one of Scotland's big four famous salmon rivers. Controlling the fly properly is vital for consistent salmon fishing success.

Fishing Salmon Flies

6 Nov 2021

Fishing Beauty On The River Tay

There's nothing that beats a salmon fishing trip to the River Tay with the exception of a trip that includes contact with one of its fine silvery inhabitants. The Tay is without doubt Scotland's grandest salmon river and being out on her riverbanks is truly always a magnificent experience whether you have an encounter with the underworld or not. Follow this link to book a guided River Tay salmon fishing day.

Catch Summer River Tay Salmon

5 Nov 2021

Unlock Your Natural Instincts

Somewhere in our evolution we will all have been totally dependent on catching fish for survival as the oceans significantly outsize the land masses of earth. Quality time in the perfect surroundings of the salmon river will more than likely call deep into your soul and remind you of a calmer more satisfying way to exist. Book a professional salmon fishing guide for a day or more on the beautiful salmon rivers of Scotland and unlock your natural fishing instincts.

Unleash Your Fishing Potential

4 Nov 2021

Spring Fishing Magnificence

Fishing during the early Spring months of the year requires a certain appreciation of Mother Nature's harsher attributes however there's no lack of beauty if if you do venture out. Now if you want to have a chance of the most perfect conditioned salmon of them all then an early Spring fish is simply the best. These fish also have a power reserve that's second to none if an exciting battle is what you seek.

The Spring Salmon River Magnificense

3 Nov 2021

Playing A Powerful Tay Salmon

The important thing to remember when playing a fish is to not try to rush the fight as when you try to overpower a salmon it will fight back twice as hard increasing the chances of your fish throwing the hook. The fight should be fun so take your time and enjoy the sound of the reel and feeling the salmon's power. You'll know when your salmon is ready to be landed as it will start showing its flanks at close range and that is the correct time to reach for the landing net.