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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

We hope you'll book a guided salmon fishing experience in Scotland and become an entry on this web page.

Jock Monteith

22 Nov 2017

Salmon Lie Identification

Sometimes salmon lies are easy to spot and other times you've completely ruined them before you realise you've just wader right through or far too close to one. A highly experienced pair of professional eyes 'over watching' your river approach and making sure you know exactly where to look for a taking salmon is totally invaluable as you can imagine. Follow this link for information on guided salmon fishing packages that will give you a significant fishing advantage.

Identifying The Salmon Lies

21 Nov 2017

Fishing Gifts Scotland

If you try to come up with thoughts of what could make a meaningful gift for a loved one this Christmas you'll struggling to find anything that comes close to an encounter with one of old Neptune's finest creatures. A professionally guided & instructional day on one of Scotland's famous salmon rivers should make perfect sense and end anyone's Christmas gift thoughts dilemma. Click here for details on guided salmon fishing packages on Scotland best rivers.

Fishing Gifts Scotland

20 Nov 2017

Learning To Spey Cast

Included in all of our professionally guided salmon fishing experiences is 'effective' tuition in the traditional Scottish Spey cast. Our professional river staff are all fantastic communicators of this 'art form' salmon fly delivery technique which allows you the ability to effectively cover any salmon pool regardless of how far you can wade into the river or whatever obstacles are directly behind you that would eliminate the possible use of an overhead cast.

Learn From A Professional Salmon Guide

19 Nov 2017

Salmon Fishing Senses

Here's a River Tay salmon boat fishing shot which was taken during a cold March day with these two fishing guests. Although they didn't hold out much hope of a fish both myself and the professional boatman new and openly discussed that we both agreed some salmon action was imminent. Sure enough about 2 minutes after this shot was taken a pristine conditioned 23 lbs salmon was hooked and eventually landed. You will develop a sixth sense for this if you spend enough time on a salmon river.

Salmon Fishing Senses

18 Nov 2017

Salmon Fishing Gifts

With Christmas fast approaching consider breaking the trend of purchasing the 'repetitive' Christmas gifts and inject fresh excitement via a fully guided Scottish salmon fishing experience for a loved one or friend this year. Our renowned Scottish salmon fishing introductions range in price between £255 & £395 per person per day depending on the group size. Follow this link for more information on how to purchase a Scottish salmon fishing Christmas gift voucher.

Christmas Salmon Fishing Gift

17 Nov 2017

Scottish Salmon Rivers

Scotland is very fortunate to possess some of the most famous salmon fishing rivers in the world. Names like Tay, Spey, Dee & Tweed resonate globally within all Atlantic salmon fishing circles as they are truly renowned salmon fishing destinations. Pairing your visit to the best Scottish salmon rivers with the finest professional salmon river guides is equally is as important as is the seasonal timing of your Scottish salmon fishing trip for the optimal chance of success.

Salmon Fishing River Of Scotland

16 Nov 2017

Atlantic Salmon Beauty

From the shallow streamy headwaters of the Scottish rivers where tiny salmon fry appear from the gravel during late Spring to this display of ocean fed silvery perfection the life cycle of a wild Atlantic salmon is truly a remarkable story. Learning the delicate skills involved in being astute enough to consistently catch them requires a good teacher with plenty of river experience under his belt and a good pair of ears. Follow this link to book a salmon fishing course.

Atlantic Salmon Beauty

15 Nov 2017

Where To Salmon Fish

Knowledge of when are the best times to fish certain areas of the Scottish salmon rivers will go a long way towards ensuring you're in with a good chance of success. In very cold early Spring water conditions salmon won't run hard and will hold up in the lower reaches of a river. These days rivers can have slightly milder early Spring water temperatures which allows salmon to run quicker to the middle areas of the rivers before starting to slow down enough to be caught.

Salmon Fishing The River Tay At Dunkeld

14 Nov 2017

Booking Spring Salmon Fishing

This is the best time to look at your diary and identify your Spring salmon fishing dates for 2018 as after Christmas the availability for the best Spring salmon beats on the rivers diminishes. This perfect heavyweight Spring salmon was caught on the River Tay during the month of March which has always been a fantastic fishing month for the chance of a big fish like this. I have some of Scotland's very best professional guides on standby to assist you.

Spring Salmon Fishing On The River Tay

13 Nov 2017

Riverbank Catering Service

If you're planning a visit to the Scottish salmon rivers as part of a bigger group it's well worth considering taking full advantage of our professional catering staff to lay on a superb lunch for your party in one of the luxury appointed salmon fishing huts. Our main chef Jeremy Wares is well renowned for his fantastic cuisine and is of 'Michelin starred' status. For a party of 6 fishers the cost of providing this service is approx £50 per head so well worth careful consideration.

Salmon Fishing Lunch