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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

19 Oct 2018

Learning To Fish For Salmon

There's way much more to mastering the art of salmon fishing than the vast majority of people think. This is a business where serious water craft skills must be learned for a fair chance of success and that type of knowledge is only truly available from professional salmon fishing instructors who have spent enough time on the Scottish salmon rivers to understand the different and subtle salmon fishing tactical approaches that ensure frequent success.

Learning To Fish For salmon

18 Oct 2018

Salmon River Therapy

There's nothing that beats the ambiance and tranquility of a Scottish salmon river which is generally an unseen yet highly attractive component of the pursuit of salmon fishing. It's often difficult to get this message across to new salmon fishers who are looking at this fascinating sport for the first time however this shot is one of my better ones for getting the message across. Book an introduction in the company of a professional salmon fishing guide.

Salmon Fishing tranquility

17 Oct 2018

Book Spring Salmon Fishing

I'm a firm believer in the fact that Spring salmon fishing represents the very best fishing period of the year these days on all of the Scottish rivers. I'm not talking here from a salmon landed numbers point of view but for the sheer caliber of the Spring salmon which is simply unmatched by any subsequent run of Scottish salmon. This perfect fish was caught during March on the middle River Tay as a fine example of what I'm referring to so focus between February & May if you're looking for a special salmon memory.

Booking River Tay Spring Salmon Fishing

16 Oct 2018

Big Autumn River Tay Salmon

Here's a big Tay heavyweight salmon that showed up yesterday on the Dunkeld House beat on the final day of the River Tay 2018 salmon fishing season. This big cock salmon tipped the scales at 32 lbs and was quickly returned to the river. This caliber of fish is what the Tay is famous for and of all the Scottish rivers the Tay is the safest bet for a chance of a specimen fish like this and occasionally through the high water Autumn months much bigger salmon too.

32lbs Autumn Tay Salmon

15 Oct 2018

Fishing The River Tay In Autumn

The spectacular beauty of the River Tay & all other Scottish salmon rivers should not be underestimated through the Autumn months. On the Tay the chance of a seriously heavyweight Autumn salmon should not be underestimated either as many are present during the Autumn months when big water levels arrive. This shot was taken recently from the Tay's beautiful Dunkeld House salmon beat.

Fishing The River Tay In Autumn

14 Oct 2018

Salmon Fishing Training

Like anything in life preparedness and quality training are always going to provide an advantage and in Scottish salmon fishing it is no different. For decades thousands of potential salmon fishers have shied away from this amazing pursuit because they were never properly introduced to the sport or were not offered professional training due to ineffective salmon fishing agents and their inability to qualify the guest's needs correctly.

Salmon Fishing Success Training

13 Oct 2018

Fishing Your Salmon Fly Correctly

There's a huge difference between swimming your salmon fly optimally down through a pool in a controlled manner or just letting it do its own thing in the steam. True success in Scottish salmon fishing is achieved by taking total control of your salmon fly and focussing 100% on exactly how it is behaving from the moment it lands in the river until it's time to be recast again. Take your salmon fishing approach seriously and learn exactly how to be effective.

Fishing The Salmon Fly Correctly

12 Oct 2018

Learn To Read A Salmon Pool

Having the ability to work out exactly where salmon can be located on a salmon pool is more than half the battle involved in catching them. So much limited fishing day time can easily be wasted if an angler isn't able to recognise the obvious and sometimes not so obvious salmon holding areas which is especially the case on big rivers like the Tay. Book a professional Scottish salmon fishing guide and add another vital skill to your salmon fishing armament.

Learn To Catch Salmon

11 Oct 2018

Catching Autumn River Tay Salmon

Here's another Autumn fish of 18 lbs that was caught on the Dunkeld House beat yesterday on the back of the recent high water levels. Although the River Tay salmon fishing season closes this coming Monday the next few fishing days should be the best of the entire season as these recent flood water levels diminish. Book a guided River Tay salmon fishing day and put a fine Autumn Tay salmon in your memory banks.

Autumn River Tay Fishing Success

10 Oct 2018

Booking River Tay Spring Salmon

With only a few days of the 2018 River Tay salmon fishing season remaining the focus will soon be moving onto the Spring of 2019 for the chance of intercepting one of these fine specimens. There's nothing that compares to the physical perfection of a Spring salmon and booking limited rod access early on the Tay's renowned Spring salmon beats is always advisable to guarantee your fishing access.

Perfect Spring River Tay Salmon