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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

15 Nov 2018

Lunch Beside The River Tay

A day out in pursuit of a specimen wild Atlantic salmon on Scotland's biggest and most famous salmon river is a great experience whether you're successful or not. What can make the day even more special is having a Michelin starred chef lunch ready and waiting in the fishing hut at 1pm for you and your colleagues. I can assure you that fantastic food tastes even better when overlooking a salmon river and especially one as glorious as the River Tay!

Lunch Beside The River Tay

14 Nov 2018

Salmon Landing Nets

An important part of salmon fishing kit is indeed the landing net which all salmon anglers or their guides should be carrying at all times throughout the course of the fishing day. While there are many different designs and styles of nets available these days the most important part is having a net frame that's fitted with a fish friendly small gauged mesh bag which protects and stabilises the salmon prior to release as shown in this photograph.

Salmon Landing Nets

13 Nov 2018

Learning To Fish For Salmon

There's much logical sense involved in learning how to properly fish for salmon. The best and most effective way to do this is to get with a professional salmon guide who's spent enough time on the rivers of Scotland observing salmon behaviour and who has great and simple communication skills. Don't expect results in salmon fishing unless you've an excellent idea of how to approach the salmon river and have the required salmon fishing skills needed for success.

Learning How To Salmon Fish In Scotland

12 Nov 2018

Where To Look For Salmon

If you take a close look at this shot you'll easily spot the most sensible side of the pool to fish from where there's a tapered gravel bank leading into the deeper less turbulent side of the main channel where salmon are very likely to be holding. My approach on this type of pool would be with a low position so as not to break cover and a targeted fly to hit the centre of the heavy deep channel allowing the fly to swing over the likely salmon holding zone to the left side of the channel.

Where To Look For Salmon

11 Nov 2018

Memorable Salmon Captures

When you catch any salmon on the beautiful Scottish salmon rivers they become memorable experiences which seem to always completely focus the mind. When a bigger perfectly conditioned fish shows up like this one that memory recall becomes even more acute. Take the Scottish Spring salmon fishing challenge in 2019 and put something memorable in your memory via a River Tay salmon fishing guide.

Scottish Salmon Captures

10 Nov 2018

Salmon River Tranquility

There's nothing the beats the tranquility & ambiance of a Scottish salmon river if the great outdoors appeals to anyone. The varying moods of the salmon river are hypnotic and the beauty of the riverbanks will completely captivate your soul which will only be shattered by that first electric tug on your fly reel when a salmon decides to cooperate. This is the moment that is so addictive in Scottish salmon fishing and the inevitable accompanying adrenalin surge.

Salmon River Tranquility

9 Nov 2018

Selecting A Salmon Fly

There's a vast array of information on the fascinating topic of salmon fly selection that can be rather confusing if you delve too deeply into this subject. The most important aspect of this topic is knowing roughly the correct size and colours to use through the different months of the salmon fishing season. Once you've mastered the basics then the most important factor regarding salmon fly selection becomes faith.

Selecting The Salmon Fly

8 Nov 2018

River Tay Spring Salmon

With the 2018 salmon fishing season now over on the vast majority of Scottish rivers the focus now switches once again to the most exciting fish of all. The Spring salmon that enter the Scottish rivers between January and the end of May are indeed the true king of all fish as perfectly displayed in this fine shot. Book yourself a day or two on the mighty River Tay during the Spring of 2019 and put one of these fine specimens permanently in to your memory banks.

River Tay Spring Salmon

7 Nov 2018

Salmon Fly Fishing Success

To achieve the smile on this happy brand new salmon fisher's face you need to be under the instruction of a professional Scottish salmon fishing guide who's got the nose of the otter and who has great duplication skills for passing on the various tactical salmon pool approaches. This shot was taken of this angler's 4th salmon on his very first ever day salmon fishing thanks to his wife who had purchased a salmon fishing gift voucher as his Christmas present.

Salmon Fly Fishing Success On The River Tay

6 Nov 2018

Fishing Huts In Scotland

All quality Scottish salmon fishing venues benefit from an onsite fishing hut which is there for the salmon fishers to gain shelter during lunch and for meeting at on arrival in the morning. Each Scottish salmon fishing hut has its own unique characteristics which make them fascinatingly different and in most cases they command an excellent position overlooking one of the venue's main salmon fishing pools.

Fishing Huts In Scotland