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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

19 Jul 2019

The Scottish Salmon Fishing Smile

There's a great thrill and much excitement involved in the capture of a Scottish salmon. Getting to that facial expression takes more skill and knowledge than most people care to realise so take your salmon fishing preparation and planning as seriously as you know how. Like anything in life training, knowledge and a good understanding of exactly how to fish effectively will massively increase your chances of success.

Fishng The Tay For Salmon

18 Jul 2019

Scottish River Salmon Pools

There's very little that comes close to the thrill and anticipation of being set loose on a lovely Scottish river salmon pool with a double handed salmon fly rod. Fly fishing for salmon is a superb pursuit if you understand enough about the sport to experience early success. Like anything in life it's important to make sure your launch is effective and that is best achieved with a professional salmon guide.

Scottish Fly Fishing pools

17 Jul 2019

Take The Tay Salmon Challenge

Play about with less meaningless pursuits if you like but nothing compares to the excitement and achievement of the capture of a heavyweight version of God's finest marine creature like this perfect Atlantic salmon that was caught on the River Tay. A professionally guided salmon fishing day will give you a sporting chance of an encounter with a fish and often when you least expect it a specimen salmon like this one will appear at your fly.

Jock Monteith Tay Salmon

16 Jul 2019

Salmon Fishing Hot Spots

Once you really get to know a specific salmon beat you'll instantly recognise exactly where to be fishing during any given water height. This knowledge is only gained after years of studying a beat in all different water levels. Once you acquire this 'feel' for a salmon beat you're success rate will rise significantly. The easiest way to short circuit this learning curve on any beat is to hire a professional guide for a day who has intimate knowledge of the salmon beats.

Identifying River Tay Salmon Lies

15 Jul 2019

Salmon Fishing Success In Scotland

If you're new to Scottish salmon fishing tactics or are lacking salmon fishing success book a professional Scottish salmon fishing guide to fine tune your approach and optimise the hours of your fishing day. Salmon have never been easy to catch unless the angler's skill set is perfect so don't expect results just by turning up at the river with a permit and a fishing rod as it's highly unlikely going to happen.

Salmon Fishng Success In Scotland

14 Jul 2019

Identifying Salmon Holding Water

A very important component for success in Scottish salmon fishing is being able to identify the likely areas of a salmon river where fish can be expected. Having this skill significantly cuts down on the searching time and focusses the fishing effort so it's well worth learning. A professional salmon guide who's spend enough time on the river will have this skill and will be good at duplicating it.

Where Salmon Hold

13 Jul 2019

The King Of Fish

The Atlantic salmon is the most amazing fish of all and one of the most beautiful marine creatures too. Once you've mastered the skills involved in catching one you'll find additional pleasure in placing one in your landing net for a close up look. This particular fish was a fine example of a perfect River Tay salmon at its well deserved moment of release. Releasing your salmon is an important conservational measure for obvious reasons.

Spring Salmon

12 Jul 2019

The Beautiful River Tay Valley

Being this close to the magic of mother nature in this magnificent natural environment is a pleasure in its own way. Catching a salmon that's swum all the way from Greenland's rich feeding grounds makes this an even more exciting pursuit. Learning the methodology behind salmon fishing makes this entire experience even more fascinating. Follow this link to book a professional introduction to Scottish salmon fishing.

River Tay Fly Fishing

11 Jul 2019

Learning To Fish For Salmon

There's much logical sense involved in learning how to properly fish for salmon. The best and most effective way to do this is to get with a professional salmon guide who's spent enough time on the rivers of Scotland observing salmon behaviour and who has great and simple communication skills. Don't expect results in salmon fishing unless you've an excellent idea of how to approach the salmon river and have the required salmon fishing skills needed for success.

Learning How To Salmon Fish In Scotland

10 Jul 2019

The Beauty Of A Wild Salmon

There's various different and highly attractive components involved with catching a wild salmon. Firstly there's the careful preparation in making sure your kit is well thought out and in first class order. Then there's the excitement & anticipation involved in approaching the river. Following that you've got the high expectations that come from controlling the fly properly through each pool. The crescendo to it all is that often gentle yet firm tug on the fly reel.

Perfect Salmon From The River Tay