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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

We hope you'll book a guided salmon fishing experience in Scotland and become an entry on this web page.

Jock Monteith

15 Dec 2019

Catch A River Tay Salmon

There's serious tactical awareness & skill required to catch a wild Atlantic salmon on a fly rod and much more than most people will realise. Learning how to cast a double handed salmon fly rod only makes up a small part of these skills as good riverbank movement and knowing how to effectively react to he take from a salmon is rare knowledge from what I've seen. Even these basic essential salmon fishing skills are insignificant compared to learning where salmon are usually found and adopting a sub surface focus.

Fly Caught Salmon Perfection On The Tay

14 Dec 2019

Salmon Fishing Tuition In Scotland

Don't think for one minute that catching a salmon is going to happen without a full understanding of the tactical approaches that are necessary for success in this fine pursuit. A wild Atlantic salmon is an 'escape & evasion' specialist that on many occasions likes to slip into 'invisible' mode. Book a professional salmon fishing guide to show you how to optimise your chances of contact on a fly rod with one of these highly prized Scottish gamefish.

Tuition On Salmon Rivers Of Scotland

13 Dec 2019

Salmon Fishing Magic

There's amazing natural magic to be found on the riverbanks of Scotland and make no mistake about that fact. The ambient ever changing light conditions you'll witness throughout a day on one of Scotland's top salmon fishing rivers just has to be seen to be believed. As a professional salmon guide I'd always reach for the camera and capture all such amazing moments as you see here in this shot of this low level double rainbow on the River Tay.

Salmon Fishing Magic Brilliance

12 Dec 2019

Salmon Fishing Gift Voucher

Treat your loved ones to a high quality tactical introduction to the fascinating & intriguing world of Scottish salmon fishing this Christmas via a professionally guided River Tay salmon fishing experience. Book a River Tay salmon fishing guide and take the guesswork out of arranging a days salmon fishing on Scotland's most famous salmon fishing venue will also increase ten fold the chances of an encounter with the 'King of Fish'.

Salmon Fishing Gift Vouchers In Scotland

11 Dec 2019

Fishing The River Tay In Spring

There's no doubt in my mind on 2 facts regarding Scottish salmon fishing that are as follows. The first fact is that the Spring run is the most reliable and sought after run of all Scottish salmon these days and the second fact is that nothing beats the sheer power & beauty of a perfect fresh run 'springer' in the crystal clear cold Spring river water. Now is the optimal time to be looking at your 2020 diary and pin pointing suitable fishing dates while availability remains.

Fishing The Tay During Spring

10 Dec 2019

Salmon Fishing Tuition Courses

Our renowned Scottish salmon fishing guided days are a true fast track access point into learning the most important salmon fishing skills to allow you to gain instant traction in this wonderful rural pursuit. Whether fishing alone or as a member of a small team of salmon fishing students this service is well worth consideration as without knowledge and understanding of the important aspects of this sport you're more than likely wasting time.

Salmon Fishing Tution Courses

9 Dec 2019

Salmon Fishing Gift Voucher

There's no better natural experience gift than a quality professionally delivered introduction to Scotland's most famous salmon rivers and how to fish for salmon via a guided salmon fishing day experience. The words 'gift of a lifetime' were carefully chosen as our renowned quality introductions to this fine pursuit usually always lead to a life time participation thereafter. Follow this link for full guided salmon fishing day details or to purchase a gift voucher.

Salmon Fishing Gift Voucher 7

8 Dec 2019

River Tay Salmon Fishing Guides

Here's a lovely shot of the deep dark mysterious waters of a prime River Tay salmon fishing venue located between the Perthshire towns of Pitlochry & Dunkeld. The River Tay is indeed a magnificent Scottish salmon fishing river and is a fantastic venue for learning and mastering all of the vital salmon fishing skills that are essential for success in this pursuit. Booking a professional River Tay salmon guide will fast track you into this magnificent sport.

Booking River Tay Salmon Fishing Guides

7 Dec 2019

Big February River Tay Salmon

Here's a shot of a perfect early Spring heavyweight salmon from the River Tay which was caught a couple of years ago by expert Tay ghillie and long standing & loyal colleague Steve McIrvine. The early months on the Tay are largely ignored by the fair weather salmon fishers of Scotland however if catching the 'fish of a lifetime' is high on your agenda then the early months of January, February & March are certainly when that is most likely to occur.

Big February River Tay Salmon

6 Dec 2019

Salmon Fishing Tuition In Scotland

There's much more skill & tact involved in creating this amazing scenario next to your wader boots than most people realise. Catching an Atlantic salmon on a fly rod is and always has been a big achievement and these days it is no different. If you are new to this sport or are an experienced salmon fisher in need of tactical fine tuning then book a professional salmon guide in Scotland to show you how to vastly increase your chances of success.

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