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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

8 May 2021

The Beauty Of A Wild Salmon

There's various different and highly attractive components involved with catching a wild salmon. Firstly there's the careful preparation in making sure your kit is well thought out and in first class order. Then there's the excitement & anticipation involved in approaching the river. Following that you've got the high expectations that come from controlling the fly properly through each pool. The crescendo to it all is that often gentle yet firm tug on the fly reel.

Perfect Salmon From The River Tay

7 May 2021

Salmon Fishing Tuition In Scotland

Don't think for one minute that catching a salmon is going to happen without a full understanding of the tactical approaches that are necessary for success in this fine pursuit. A wild Atlantic salmon is an 'escape & evasion' specialist that on many occasions likes to slip into 'invisible' mode. Book a professional salmon fishing guide to show you how to optimise your chances of contact on a fly rod with one of these highly prized Scottish gamefish.

Tuition On Salmon Rivers Of Scotland

6 May 2021

Salmon Pool Approach Tactics

Another important part of salmon fishing that can be a deciding factor between success and failure in this sport is learning exactly how to approach each salmon pool you encounter. Being able to identify likely salmon holding areas in any pool then adjust your fishing approach with great care & thought to give you the optimal chance of catching salmon are vital components in this business. Learn this fishing skill on a fully guided salmon fishing experience.

Salmon Pool Approach

5 May 2021

River Tay Fly Fishing Tuition

The most important elements for an instructor to be able to teach Spey casting effectively are firstly having a solid grip of the logic and mechanics of the cast and secondly being a great communicator. Technical jargon only baffles students so easy to understand simple words like 'smoothness & fluency' through the lift and swing permits the student a much shorter learning curve. Really this is the easiest cast or all to perfect if you've a good instructor by your side who's talking logic backed sense to you.

River Tay Fly Fishing Tuition

4 May 2021

Catch A River Tay Salmon

There's serious tactical awareness & skill required to catch a wild Atlantic salmon on a fly rod and much more than most people will realise. Learning how to cast a double handed salmon fly rod only makes up a small part of these skills as good riverbank movement and knowing how to effectively react to he take from a salmon is rare knowledge from what I've seen. Even these basic essential salmon fishing skills are insignificant compared to learning where salmon are usually found and adopting a sub surface focus.

Fly Caught Salmon Perfection On The Tay

3 May 2021

Salmon Fishing Hut Preparation

Nothing beats arriving at a well organised and fully prepared salmon fishing hut on one of Scotland's famous salmon river destinations. A professional guide who's on top of his game knows exactly how to get organised for arriving guests in addition to having a carefully thought out salmon fishing plan already in his head for the morning and afternoon salmon fishing sessions. Book a professional salmon guide to show you the correct salmon fishing delivery levels.

Salmon Fishing Hut Preparation

2 May 2021

Catching A River Tay Salmon

It takes knowledge and skill with a good understanding of salmon habits and behaviour to catch one of these perfect River Tay salmon. Fishing for salmon is not just about turning up on the river with your fishing equipment because success in this sport only comes from knowing exactly how to use it. Invest in some proper tuition and get your salmon fishing career off the starting block effectively. Book a professional River Tay salmon guide.

River Tay Fishing Instruction 2

1 May 2021

Salmon & When They Move

Learning when salmon prefer to move throughout the various months of the Scottish salmon fishing season will give you a better understanding of this business and increase your chances of success. There's loads to learn in Scottish salmon fishing and it's truly a fascinating 'soul consuming' never ending journey if your introduction is delivered professionally and thoroughly enough. Follow this link for full details on our Scottish riverĀ guided salmon fishing packages.

Salmon Movements

30 Apr 2021

Catching Salmon On A Fly Rod

Here's another fine & partially sunlight illuminated fresh run River Tay Spring salmon which was caught in the middle River Tay area during the month of May. While catching salmon is great it is by no means an easy thing to do and requires a serious thought process along with a good grounding in fishing skills to achieve this end result. A professional salmon guide who has spent a lifetime observing these creatures will accelerate the learning curve.

Fly Caught Scottish Salmon

29 Apr 2021

Salmon Fishing Highs

Being out in the glory of Mother Nature is indeed a fantastic things to be enjoying during your recreational time. This fine pursuit however goes one stage further as to be in hot pursuit of God's finest marine creature takes the entire concept to an even higher dimension. That unique blend of natural riverbank brilliance pared with the possibility of an encounter with one of these fine specimens is for many people the highlight of their annual recreational time.

Salmon Fishing Highs