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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

28 May 2020

Booking Scottish Salmon Fishing

Now that the Scottish salmon rivers are about to re- open after this virus fiasco this is indeed an optimal time to book a salmon fishing day while availability is there as this time of the year has always offered a great chance of a fish. June is indeed when the maximum number of earlier running Spring salmon are present on all of the big 4 Scottish rivers. Book a professional salmon guide to increase your chances of some sub surface action.

Catching A Scottish Spring Salmon

27 May 2020

Scottish Salmon Fishing Trips

Here's a shot of an American client rolling out a perfect Spey cast after a brief crash course in this artistic Scottish style of casting. The real benefit of the Spey cast is that it allows you to present a salmon fly to the river when there's insufficient space behind you for a traditional over head cast. In addition to that it's a physically easier cast to perform once its mechanics are fully understood. Treat yourself to a quality introduction to Scottish salmon fishing in 2020.

Fishing Holidays In Scotland

26 May 2020

Special Salmon Fishing Moments

There's nothing in the outdoor pursuits arena that remotely compares to the sheer excitement that a fresh run salmon brings when hooked on a fly rod. This perfect salmon was caught on the famous Scottish River Tay which is a fantastic salmon river which fishes well throughout its long salmon fishing season from mid January through to mid October. Follow this link to book a guided River Tay salmon fishing day to increase your chances of an encounter like this.

Fly Fishing In Scotland For Salmon

25 May 2020

Scottish Fly Fishing

Here's a beautiful shot of a classic Scottish fly fishing stream on the River Tay. To my mind what you see here are perfect salmon fly fishing conditions with an overcast sky but still a glimmer of sunlight which creates a sparkle on the surface of the water. There's always a huge sense of excitement & expectations in the air for me when these conditions occur and they nearly always result in a fish or two. Learning the river moods is an important part of salmon fishing.

Scottish Fly Fishing Streams

24 May 2020

Learning Good Riverbank Movement

One of the most important salmon fishing skills that is not taught or even fully understood by the vast majority of salmon fishers is effective riverbank movement. Many anglers inch their way through a salmon pool wasting much valuable fishing time and technically training salmon to accept the presence of the fly. To make a salmon take you need to trigger its hunting instinct and that is logically best done by startling the fish via good riverbank cast spacings.

Learning Good Riverbank Fly Fishing Movement

23 May 2020

Reading A Salmon Pool

There is no substitute for riverbank experience when it comes to reading a river and assessing where the likely holding areas for salmon would be. The general rule of thumb is to forget the fast streams as cast your eyes for deepish slower flows where a fish could rest up in security without burning too much energy. A subsurface feature that creates a break in the current or on the edge of a faster stream are other likely salmon holding areas where salmon can be found.

The Salmon Rivers Of Scotland

22 May 2020

Hooking Scottish Salmon

One of the most important parts of Scottish salmon fishing is understanding exactly how to deal with the take from a salmon and why you should never ever react too quickly. Thousands of salmon hooking opportunities are lost on the Scottish rivers each year because this simply and logical skill is not known by anglers or taught properly by inexperienced salmon guides. Follow this link for more information on our quality assured Scottish salmon fishing guided days.

Hooking River Tay Salmon

21 May 2020

The Professional Scottish Ghillie

While many areas of the world refer to salmon fishing professionals as guides here in Scotland they're known as ghillies. Nothing increases your fishing chances for success than being tuned in to salmon fishing tactics with one of these men and to make sure you're fishing the likely salmon holding areas of the river. Follow this link for full guided salmon fishing details on Scotland's big 4 main salmon rivers and leave nothing to chance with your fishing approach.

The Professional Scottish Ghillie

20 May 2020

Reading A Salmon Pool

Being able to read a salmon pool is a very useful when it comes to locating salmon. In most water conditions salmon won't sit in fast water where they're forced to expend energy but prefer to sit in a steady flow that brings them oxygen without too much effort that has reasonable depth for security. In periods of warm water when oxygen levels are lower they'll push up into areas of deep faster oxygenated water in pursuit of a break in the stream where they can hold.

Reading A Salmon Fishing Pool

19 May 2020

Special Salmon River Moments

The riverbanks of Scotland are indeed some of the most amazing places to earth to experience Mother Nature's natural display of perfection. Often while fishing for salmon the light will change and throw you into a completely different dimension of natural beauty and ambiance. This shot of the River Tay was one such moment that I simply just had to reach for my camera. Book a professional Scottish salmon guide to introduce you properly to this amazing beauty.

Salmon River Moments