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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

22 Jan 2019

Scottish Spring Salmon Flies

Here's 2 of the most deadly Spring salmon flies for use during the early high water months of the fishing season. These are the bigger 'Dee Monkey' & 'Copperass' tube fly versions that are highly effective for attracting Spring salmon. A salmon fly needs to be fished with faith and until you reach that point in your salmon fishing career you should rely on the professional judgement of those who have been in this business long enough to know what works well.

Scottish Spring Salmon Flies

21 Jan 2019

The Spring Salmon Fishing Prize

This is what a multi sea winter fresh run River Tay Spring salmon looks like and the accompanying smiles that goes along with the capture of one. This particular specimen was caught on the middle River Tay during March which has always been a great month for an encounter with a Tay heavyweight like this. These fish provide a truly memorable encounter if you're fortunate and skilled enough to know how to present your salmon fly in front of one.

Salmon Fishing Success On The River Tay

20 Jan 2019

A Seat Beside The Salmon River

There's something amazingly captivating about sitting on an elevated seat overlooking one of Scotland's famous salmon rivers. When you're actually fishing for salmon it often pays just to sit back and watch the river for 10 or 15 minutes as doing so will often give you the exact position of any resident salmon. A professional time served salmon guide will teach you the correct approach along with various tactics that assist in making a salmon open its mouth!

A Seat By The River Tay

19 Jan 2019

The King Of Fish

The Atlantic salmon is the most amazing fish of all and one of the most beautiful marine creatures too. Once you've mastered the skills involved in catching one you'll find additional pleasure in placing one in your landing net for a close up look. This particular fish was a fine example of a perfect River Tay salmon at its well deserved moment of release. Releasing your salmon is an important conservational measure for obvious reasons.

Spring Salmon

18 Jan 2019

The Perfect Salmon Fly

This is a massive topic given the thousands of different salmon fly patterns that are available from fishing stores these days. A salmon only ever takes the one you're using and the one your using is either based on complete guesswork & pot luck or you've tied it on because you've complete faith in it. My personal salmon fly selection is always based on faith to optimise my belief & expectations in the fly's swim time. Stick with faith as it will sooner or later pay off.

The Pefect Salmon Fly

17 Jan 2019

Salmon Fishing Senses

Here's a River Tay salmon boat fishing shot which was taken during a cold March day with these two fishing guests. Although they didn't hold out much hope of a fish both myself and the professional boatman new and openly discussed that we both agreed some salmon action was imminent. Sure enough about 2 minutes after this shot was taken a pristine conditioned 23 lbs salmon was hooked and eventually landed. You will develop a sixth sense for this if you spend enough time on a salmon river.

Salmon Fishing Senses

16 Jan 2019

Hooking Scottish Salmon

One of the most important parts of Scottish salmon fishing is understanding exactly how to deal with the take from a salmon and why you should never ever react too quickly. Thousands of salmon hooking opportunities are lost on the Scottish rivers each year because this simply and logical skill is not known by anglers or taught properly by inexperienced salmon guides. Follow this link for more information on our quality assured Scottish salmon fishing guided days.

Hooking River Tay Salmon

15 Jan 2019

2019 River Tay Opening Day

Today marks the official opening day for the 2019 River Tay salmon fishing season and thousands of dedicated salmon anglers will be casting a fly today in pursuit of that perfect fresh run River Tay Spring salmon. This shot was taken yesterday on the Dunkeld House salmon beat of the Tay which I can guarantee will be one of a few Tay fishing venues that will be holding Spring salmon right now. Follow this link for more pictures and information on the Dunkeld House salmon fishing beat.

River Tay Opening Day

14 Jan 2019

Introduce Yourself To A Spring Salmon

Get 2019 off to a great start with a personal introduction to a fresh run Scottish Spring salmon via a professionally guided salmon fishing day. These perfect salmon are already present in the River Tay and other big Scottish rivers and their number build up continually until the end of May. As a professional salmon fishing guide this is the most exciting & special period of the season due to the sheer beauty & hard fighting qualities of these pristine fish.

Introduce Yourself To A Spring Salmon

13 Jan 2019

The Beautiful River Tay

If you've been contaminated by the recent trend of sizing a salmon river or individual venue up based on how many salmon have or are currently being caught then think again. This crazy system is seriously flawed for many good reasons for example what if salmon anglers don't turn up or don't know how to effectively catch salmon. How do you then know if there were fish there that could have been easily caught. This picture will tell you all you need to know about the amazing pursuit of Scottish salmon fishing.

Perfect River Tay Salmon Fishing Scenery