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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

23 Jun 2017

Fishing The Fly For Salmon

There's so much more to being successful in Scottish salmon fishing than being able to cast with a 15ft double handed salmon fly rod. Salmon fly selection to suit river conditions, spacing of each cast, stealth of pool approach, controlling the pace of the fly & knowing exactly how to react to the take when it happens are only a few of the topics that are necessary for consistent success in this amazing sport. Book a professional to show you the way.

Present The Fly For Salmon

22 Jun 2017

Scottish Salmon Fishing For Kids

Salmon fishing is a fantastic healthy rural pursuit for youngsters to get involved with. Bringing your son or daughter up to the River Tay or another famous Scottish river is time well spend as there will be a strong chance that this exposure to the beauty and excitement of the salmon river will stay in their minds for life. It is also very likely that the experience you provide for them will become a magnificent life long obsession like it has done for thousands of us.

21 Jun 2017

Booking A Professional Salmon Guide

A time served professional salmon fishing guide will be operating on the most primitive of hunting instincts and senses that our far distant ancestors once used for their own very survival. The salmon river environment really does align a professional guide's approach to the most delicate and virtually un-noticeable atmospheric adjustments and very subtle in-river signs when the time is right or a taking salmon is present or has just entered the pool.

Booking A Scottish Salmon Guide

20 Jun 2017

Fly Fishing For Scottish Salmon

This lovely shot was captured at the lower end of Scotland's River Tay which is shortly about to come into a class of its own as the usual big head of Autumn Tay salmon appear in its lovely pools, streams & glides. Knowing where to be fishing for salmon on the Scottish rivers is obviously an important building block for optimising your chances of success and the enjoyment of your salmon fishing day. Take advice only from those who truly know.

Fishing Salmon River Tay

19 Jun 2017

Boat Fishing On The River Tay

These beautiful hand crafted River Tay fishing cobbles are indeed a work of art. On many Tay salmon beats the boat can be booked as a separate stand alone service if you wish a boat to yourself for the day. On some popular Tay beats there's 2 boats constantly working the salmon lies and a guest rota is agreed at 9am before the fishing commences. Either way it's nice to sample some traditional River Tay salmon fishing tactics on occasion. 

Hiring A Boat On The River Tay

18 Jun 2017

Big Scottish Salmon

An encounter with one of these will stay in your salmon fishing memory banks for life and especially when cyber assisted via a brief Youtube video clip. What cannot be captured these days is the sheer rush of adrenalin you'll experience when you realise shortly into contact with the salmon that you have indeed hooked a real heavyweight as the powerful battle begins. There's nothing that beats an encounter with one of these fine specimen salmon.

17 Jun 2017

Playing A Scottish Salmon

Here's a short video clip of a young salmon fishing visitor who came to the River Tay with his grandfather to catch a Scottish salmon. It's important when you work hard to make a salmon come to take your fly that you set the hook properly and as importantly you play the fish correctly. A high rod position is important for many good reasons as is letting the salmon pull line off the fly reel when it wants to to avoid excess pressure on the hook hold or your fly's leader.

16 Jun 2017

Salmon Landing Nets

Experience has shown me that without doubt large meshed net bags will most of the time tear a salmon's fins which is completely wrong with worthwhile 'Catch & Release' in mind. Remove any large mesh bags from your landing nets and put them in the bin and refit your landing nets with a 'fin & fish' friendly soft or rubber coated mesh bag and take pride in releasing your salmon. This shot shows clearly an appropriate mesh bag that's great for protecting your salmon.

Landing Net Mesh 1

15 Jun 2017

Wading A Salmon Pool

Don't feel it is necessary to wade deep into a salmon pool just because you can when wearing a pair of chest waders. More often than not a deep wade through any salmon pool will move salmon or unsettle them which will make them far more difficult to catch. Adopt a stealthy approach and stay in the margins as you're far better throwing a longer line and keeping well back than trying to get out too close to where the salmon are likely to be holding.

Wading On The River Tay

14 Jun 2017

Selecting A Salmon Fly

With so many colourful patterns to choose from I'd say that the movement from the materials used in a fly are certainly as important as the colours selected. The fly in this picture is tied with Arctic fox tail which if shaped correctly has a wonderful natural 'live bait' mimicking waggle that will force the most timid salmon to come and investigate. Test your flies in the stream before fishing and only select the one that moves beautifully and stick with it.

Salmon Flies