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Learning how to fish for salmon correctly is a very important factor as a salmon fishing permit on its own is valueless without the water knowledge, fishing ability & correct salmon fishing equipment levels.

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Jock Monteith

15 Sep 2019

The Perfect Salmon Capture

Personally I believe that all human beings should break from the technical boredom of modern day society at least once in their lifetime to experience the sheer adrenalin inducing thrill associated with the capture of a super fit heavyweight Atlantic salmon. Follow this link to ease the normally highly complicated arrangement process of arranging  a professionally guided Scottish salmon fishing experience to make this scenario a distinct possibility.

The Perfect Catch

14 Sep 2019

Dusk On The River Tay

Dusk on any Scottish salmon river is an interesting time for observing salmon pools for signs of life as often salmon will move up river as the light starts to fade at the end of the fishing day. I would say that on the deeper River Tay this dusk activity is more frequent than on the shallower Scottish rivers as the Tay's huge loch fed catchment always supplies more consistent salmon running water conditions and never gets too low for salmon to move.

Salmon River Dusk

13 Sep 2019

Where Salmon Lie

Once you've mastered the ability to use a double handed salmon fly rod and how to effectively move down through a salmon pool it's important that you develop the sense of understanding the type of water you can expect to find salmon in. To grasp this you need to know that salmon usually normally hold in relaxed areas of the pool that has reasonable depth for security. The tail of this beautiful River Tay salmon pool is one such typical area worth focussing on.

Salmon Fishing Event River Tay

12 Sep 2019

Big Autumn River Tay Salmon

Here's an absolutely fantastic example of an Autumn salmon that was caught during September on the River Tay by this fortunate salmon fisher. This spectacular salmon weighed in at 29 lbs and was quickly returned to the river. Book yourself a River Tay salmon guide and give yourself the best chance of the fish of a lifetime on Scotland's renowned 'big fish' river. When you catch a fish like this the memory is guaranteed to stay in your mind for life.

Gordons 29 pounder

11 Sep 2019

Outsmarting A Salmon

Scottish salmon fishing has many untold & unsold benefits but when it really comes down to the crunch the biggest attraction for many anglers in salmon fishing is out thinking & out smarting a fish that is far more astute than most people give it credit for. Follow this link for details on how you can learn how to approach a salmon pool & fish your fly correctly on the beautiful & famous salmon rivers of Scotland. This is one of Scotland's most popular rural pursuits.

Outsmarting A Salmon

10 Sep 2019

Salmon River Beauty

Here's a shot from the middle River Tay which was taken during late Spring when the wild lupins were in bloom. The river environment has always been amazing in Scotland and has played a big part in the attraction of Scottish salmon fishing. Do yourself a big favour and test your soul out in a more natural habitat than the concrete one so many of us have been forced to endure. There's way much more to Scottish salmon fishing than most people could ever realise.

Scottish Salmon river beauty

9 Sep 2019

Working Your salmon Fly

Fishing a salmon fly that's got the movement of a 'live' creature is always certainly going to give you a salmon fishing advantage. If you tie a salmon fly with softer materials it will indeed create its own life like appearance in the flow of the river. Adding sudden inconsistent tweaks into the swim of the fly coupled with this natural movement will almost certainly separate your fly's behaviour from others that are being swum on the same salmon beat that day.

Jocks Shrimp Salmon Fly

8 Sep 2019

The Most Perfect Creatures Of All

This picture is a fantastic example of pure unadulterated marine perfection. This is the treasured & iconic Atlantic salmon which the capture of is widely regarded as the pinnacle of all fresh water fly fishing achievements. It takes knowledge, patience & some extra sensory perception to master the skill of catching one so book a professional guide to ease this delicate yet very worthwhile process.

A Perfect River Tay Spring Salmon

7 Sep 2019

The Call Of The Salmon River

After you've been properly introduced by a professional salmon fishing guide you'll no doubt find it difficult to ignore the call of river. This perfect shot is of the famous Ash Tree Pool on the Lower Kinnaird salmon beat of the River Tay. This salmon pool has provided special memories for thousands of visiting salmon anglers over the years and is regarded as one of the finest holding pools on the entire middle Tay. Book a quality introduction to Scottish salmon fishing.

The Salmon River Lure

6 Sep 2019

The Perfect Fish

Look at this for a perfect visual demonstration of God's finest ever aquatic creation. This is a River Tummel salmon which are known for their powerful shaped build as you can clearly see. This fine fish was caught during May close to where the Tummel greets the River Tay on the fine Kinnaird salmon beats. Whether you're a new or experienced salmon fisher an encounter with one of these silver torpedos is something you'll never ever forget.

The Best Fish Of all