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This beautiful salmon fly reel has been my own weapon of choice over the last 20+ years. The Van Staal C-Vex Combo 9/11 comes with 2 spools of different line capacity sizes yet both fit into the same reel housing. This is the 9/10 spool showing in this photograph which was taken in the traditional Tay salmon fishing 'coble' boat near Pitlochry in the Tay Valley.
Look at this for perfect seasonal preparation! Here's ten of one of the most deadly salmon fly patterns I've had the honour to create. This is the 'Jock's Shrimp' salmon fly which is a fantastic salmon attractor and especially between late August and mid October on the River Tay in Perthshire.
I tied this batch up for a salmon angler back in 2009 who had heard through the grapevine how many salmon I'd been consistently catching on this salmon fly pattern. They were looking so good when I finished tying I just had to take this photograph. This is the Monteith 'Copperass' salmon fly.
Look at this little silver Van Staal V-100 spin fishing reel. This reel is a work of art and is virtually indestructible due to its clever design and robust construction. This is my own personal spinning reel that I've had the pleasure of landing many salmon on over the last few decades.
As a professional salmon fishing guide you need to hold all of the required salmon fishing kit for visiting salmon fishers. Here's a few rails of Ocean chest waders that are drying out after large fishing party event on the River Tay near Dunkeld.
Look at the lovely traditional Brady fishing bag, McLean landing net, Van Staal Fly reel and Bruce & Walker fly rod perfectly propped up beside some purple heather on the River Tay near the Perthshire village of Murthly. This must be an expert who owns and uses kit like this!
I've always had an obsession with fishing kit since my early childhood days and that obsession hasn't gone away. Look at these reels and salmon flies all getting dried out after a day on the river before getting stored away again.
When you're dealing with dozens of salmon fly reels that have different use fly lines on each reel we use a reel foot numbering system for easy ID purposes as you can see in this photograph. When a salmon guide collects a reel he knows exactly what he's got and the line weight and line design to suit the suspected needs of the fishing guest and the prevailing water conditions.
These 3 flies hooked and landed a total of 4 salmon the same day I took this photograph and I was just drying them out after coming off the river before putting them back in their aluminium Wheatley fly box.

River Tay Salmon Fishing Equipment

On the River Tay which is Scotland's largest salmon river it is vital that you come prepared with the correct salmon fishing kit levels.

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River Tay Salmon Fishing Equipment

How to acquire salmon fishing equipment in Scotland

On the River Tay which is Scotland's largest salmon river it is vital that you come prepared with the correct salmon fishing kit levels. The Tay is also the deepest river in Scotland so sink tips of varying densities are important for sinking your fly to the appropriate depth in the water column while fly fishing. A full floating lines which might be fine on the shallower Scottish rivers are of no real use on the Tay. If you're booking a professional River Tay salmon guide he will make sure all of the correct kit is there for you including the appropriate sinking tips.

How To Select A Salmon Lure Or Fly On The River Tay

On a guided River Tay salmon fishing experience only 'career tried & tested' salmon flies and lures are used. A professional Tay ghillie is able to deter through years of riverbank knowledge, observation and experience what lures and flies work best. This is the level of effectivemess a guided River Tay salmon fishing guest receives as salmon are often much more fussy than what many anglers give them credit for. Learning how to effectively fish a big river like the Tay is also very important as a fairly static fishing approach is a complete waste of time.

Where To Learn The Basic Salmon Fishing skills

There are many different salmon fishing skills that are important if you want consistent success in this sport. Many new salmon fishers start their salmon fishing education with a casting lesson so they can use the double handed salmon fly rods well enough to deliver a reasonable length of line to the river. Casting a fly rod is however one of many different salmon fishing skills that are important for success as there's much more to this sport than most new salmon fishers are aware of. A professional guide will teach & fine tune all of these necessary salmon fishing skills from riverbank movement, salmon fly selection, how to set the hook, how to play a salmon and how to land & release a salmon.

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